It’s not possible to see everything that Morocco has to offer in one trip – and we don’t suggest you try. What follows is a selective and subjective taste of the country’s highlights, in no particular order: outstanding natural features, spectacular cities, history, culture and beautiful architecture. They’re arranged in five colour-coded categories to help you find the very best things to see, do and experience. All entries have a page reference to take you straight into the Guide, where you can find out more.

01 Kasbah Glaoui, Telouet 
 An evocative relic of the time when the
Glaoui clan ruled over the Atlas and Marrakesh.

02 Chefchaouen  
 Simply the most beautiful small town in Morocco, with its blue-washed walls.

03 Majorelle Gardens, Marrakesh 
 A lovely, mature botanical garden, maintained by Yves Saint Laurent. 

04 Fes   
The most complete medieval city in the Arab world, Fes’s labyrinthine streets hide away monuments and medersas (Islamic colleges), such as the Bou Inania Medersa.

05 Windsurfing 
 The Atlantic coast, around Agadir and especially Essaouira, is one of the world’s great destinations for windsurfing, as well as kitesurfing and parasailing.

06 Painted Rocks  
Just outside Tafraoute, in the Anti-Atlas, are these huge rocks, painted by a Belgian artist and a team of Moroccan firemen.

07 Barbary apes 
 Troupes of apes populate the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas.