Do you want to surf the perfect wave, or the perfect sand dune? Some of the world's largest sand dunes have been attracting quite a crowd of enthusiastic sand boarders lately. Learning to sand surf is a lot like learning to surf, but even more like learning to snowboard.

One of the best sand surf hotspots is in Swakopmund, Namibia (Namib Desert, Africa). Rated as one of the highest dunes in the world, Dune 7 stands around 300 meters tall (980 feet). As such, it is the ultimate spot for sand surfing..

Whether you want to sand surf on vacation in Africa, or at any other sandy spot, you will need the following:

Difficulty: Moderate


Things You'll Need:

• A board
• A desert

1. Step 1
Pick the right location. You need a desert to sand surf...a real desert.

The best place would be Morocco. Where in the world is Morocco? Well, maybe the name is unfamiliar to you because it was formerly known as Maroc, a former French colony in the colonial years before World War 2. In more recent years, it was a protectorate of France and since 1956. Besides its vast deserts, it also spots one of the world's best game reserves namely at Dakhla, El Aayoune cities. To summarize, your sand surfing destination can be found just when arriving to Agadir city.

2. Step 2
You need a standard snowboard. If you haven't mastered the technique of surfing yet, you may also use a sled, or a board made of a simple, flattened cardboard box. Basically, any flat board will do nicely when you sand surf.

3. Step 3
Technique is important if you want to sand surf and not get injured. If you fall off at high speed, you hit sand, and the landing can be a tumble downhill. It is also important to realize that the bottom edge of a dune may very well not curve out gently, but hit gravel at a steep angle. It may be a very quick stop at the bottom if you don't slow down as you descend.

4. Step 4
Check the condition of the sand. The weather plays an important role in prime sand surfing conditions. A bit of humidity (mist) will compact the sand enough so that it will provide for a more solid surfing experience. If the sand is to loose and warm, it will create a drum sound as you walk over it as the sand shifts. That is usually a bad sign.

5. Step 5
Pack suntan lotion and more suntan lotion. You simply can't pack enough suntan lotion and hats. Good sunglasses and enough water will make up the rest of your surfing gear. It's just good common sense.

6. Step 6
If you can manage it, rent a quad bike. Climbing up a sand dune with a board is a tiresome experience and can take you easily 30 minutes or more, depending how fit you are. Most dunes are quite steep, so it is more like climbing up than walking up. If the sand is compact, which is ideal, it is easier to walk up. On a hot day, you may just sink into the sand up your knees while trying to plow ahead up the dune. A nice addition to your trip may be a quad bike, to drive up the from the backside of the dune.

Enjoy your sand surfing!

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