According to the the British newspaper, "The Daily Telegraph" , the city of Essaouira will be among the twenty most globally popular and attractive touristic destinations in 2015.

It highlighted also, in the recent section of travel and tourism trends, tourism qualifications of this coastal city, quiet and famous along history, which dazzled famous musicians and movie starts in the sixties such as Jemmy Hendrix and Cat Stevens...etc

reported that the glow  coastal city of Essaouira by its Gnawa Festival, will be strengthened by direct easyJet flights with the city of Luton (about 50 kilometers north-west of London) by the "low-Coast-East Gate."

The British newspaper announced that a direct air route between the towns of Luton and Essaouira will facilitate the travel of British tourists around the city without going through the city of Marrakech, highlighting that Essaouira Bay is a place of pilgrimage for ornithologists and  surfing amateurs, thanks to winds that constantly blow over the city and often strong at the level of the city's coast.

The "Daily Telegraph" confirmed that the attractiveness of the city of Essaouira is reflected especially in the hospitality and the kindness of Essaouira's people, the beauty of alleys and popular markets; which suggests to its beloved visitors a broad range of wooden and leather products  as well as the authentic dishes of Moroccan cuisine.